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We are committed to sourcing and distributing great tasting, healthy and natural 'Paleo' foods direct to you! You can rest assured that products listed on our site are filled with 100% primal goodness and are the perfect foods and snacks to keep you feeling great and performing at your optimum. Our products are made with natural ingredients, are a great source of protein, are full of vitamins & minerals and are free of gluten, dairy, grains, additives and preservatives.

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What is the Paleo Diet?!

The Paleo diet, or "Caveman Diet", is a holistic way of eating that attempts to mimic the eating of human beings some 10,000 years ago during the 'paleolithic' period. It promotes a nutrient dense diet rich in meats, seafoods, eggs, fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds whilst eliminating dairy, grains and legumes. Processed foods and foods supplemented with refined sugars, additives, preservatives and chemicals are also excluded.

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