About Us

My name is Nick Karp and I am passionate about all things health and fitness.

I have always led an active life and enjoyed playing a multitude of sports as I grew up. At the age of 26 I discovered Crossfit, a strength and conditioning fitness program using constantly varied movements and workouts involving all aspects of cardio, gymnastics and weightlifting (and much more! ).

I began work as Personal Trainer at Schwartz's Crossfit Melbourne, one of Australia's most recognised Crossfit gyms. The fitness and health of myself and all of my clients became paramount to me. The more reading and research I did, the more I began to understand and appreciate the immense impact diet has on our overall health, wellbeing, fitness and performance.

I became particularly interested in the Paleo Diet, a diet that promoted eating meats, seafoods, eggs, fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds whilst removing grains, legumes, potatoes, dairy and all processed foods supplimented with preservatives, additives, refined sugars and chemicals. In essence, eat natural!

It is difficult to know what is and isn't good for you these days.

There are a plethora of so called experts out there preaching information to you about what you should and shouldn't be eating. It's hard to know what is truth and what is myth. Dairy can't be bad for you can it? Grains are good for you aren't they? Beans are healthy? These are all questions I asked myself and did further research on. However, at the end of the day, my website isn't here to tell you what to do or to try and convert you to particular way of eating, or even to tell you what's good and what's not. Much to do with diet is specific to the individual and different things work for different people. It is best to try things for yourself and see how you feel!

I tried the Paleo Diet... And I loved it!

I became leaner, had more energy, was stronger, faster, and was producing better times for all of my workouts at the gym. I had gained an understanding of how important it was to eat the right foods. From then on, I was determined to see not only my clients eat healthy, but everyone!

I get frustrated when I see people training hard at the gym, but then find out they go home and eat a pizza for dinner. It annoys me when I see parents constantly feeding their children lollies and chocolates etc. I want people to understand that there are alternatives. Alternatives that taste great AND that are healthy for you!

This site is about providing some of those foods to people and giving anyone and everyone an alternative to junk food. Don't have that cereal in the morning that is loaded with sugar and other additives, try Steve's Paleokrunch Cereal instead. Put the chips or biscuits back on the shelf and give Cavemen Cookies a go! It all tastes great, is made from natural ingredients, is healthy and will satisfy your hunger!

I'd like to stress that my products are for everyone! Just because you don't follow the Paleo Diet doesn't mean you shouldn't have these foods. You don't have to train at a gym or be into fitness either. These are healthy alternatives that suit any person in any shape that are suitable for everyone. Healthy snacks that taste great are possible, and we have them!

Give them a go and see how you like them. I'm sure you will!

I'm always interested to hear about peoples experiences with the Paleo Diet as well any suggestions or feedback you might have for the website. Please feel free to contact me at nick@paleosnacks.com.au or even add me as a friend on Facebook (Nick Karp). The more feedback and experiences I hear about... the better!