Rumbles Paleo Collection

The Rumbles range comes in 4 different varieites. Great tasting snacks made with all Paleo goodness. These are the perfect snacks to take to work, school, events or whereever you need!

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1. Choc Chiperoo!

Contains 2 x 30g Paleo choc chip cookies! Great take on the traditional choc chip cookie, made with absolute goodness!

2. Mammoth Mounds!

2 x 30g Mounds. A great tasting treat perfect to use when on the run and needing something to keep you going!

3. Neanderthal Nuggets!

2 x 37g Nuggets. Choc full of goodness and great tasting snack!

4. The Anzacta Factor!

2 x 30g Cookies. A tribute to our Anzacs. All paleo, great tasting treat to keep things ticking over!

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