Raw Greenz

Superfoods are renowned for being the most powerful, nutrient dense foods on the planet. Green superfoods have the highest concentratations of easily digestiable nutrient, vitamins and minerals that protect, detox and heal the body.

Raw Greenz is a specialised combination of three organic superfoods - wheat, barley and alfalfa grass. These three powerhouse grasses are dried at room temperature and meshed into a powder for easy digestion. This is the only process that retains the maimum potency of the nutrients.

Better known for its alkalising and energising effect on the body, Raw Greenz may also help to detoxiy the body, especially the liver.

1tbsp + 1 cup of water = 1/2 kg of veggies!


Organic wheat grass

Organic barley grass

Organic alfalfa grass

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