Creamed Coconut

Our creamed coconut is certified organic coconut meat, in concentrated form. The white coconut flesh is dried to remove the water and then ground to a fine paste or "nut butter". It has a smooth creamy consistency due to its high (70%) fat content. 

How is this creamed coconut different from others?

Commercial coconut creams are generally sold in cans or tetra packs, the main ingredients in these products is water. If the fat content is 17% it is called "coconut milk", if it is 24% it is called "coconut cream" (although some coconut cream products can be as low as 8% and full of added gum thickners). Most of what you are purchasing is just water. Our creamed coconut is pure coconut and contains no water. 

Unlike the canned milk/cream, it also contains all the fibre of the coconut. Furthermore, almost all commercial coconut cream products contain additives to prevent the water from separating from the coconut oil, and they also have sulphites added as a preservative.  Our product contains NO additives or preservatives.