Paleo Pancake Mixes

Who doesn't love a good serving of pancakes or waffles?!

Another breakfast option for Paleo minded people and guess tastes great!

We've got 3 great Paleo Pancake options from as seen on the graphic to the right!

Each requires that you add the wet ingredients (simple) and then cook away! Healthy, delicious and fun to make!

To the Food to Nourish Pancakes you are required to add eggs and milk.

To the Waffle & Pancake mix you are required to add eggs, coconut milk, coconut oil, honey and it's recommened vanilla extract too.

To the Paleo Hero pancake mix you are required to add eggs, almond milk and coconut oil.

It's all explained on each product and it's quick, simple and great tasting! They all make a great alternative to the normal pancakes.

Click on the nutritional panel link below for ingredient details.

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